Insurance For New iphone 11

Insurance for new iPhone 11 can be a good investment. It can happen in an instant, your walking down the street listening to music on your iPhone or iPad when you stumble and drop it. Your stomach sinks as you see your extremely expensive phone flying through the air before landing on concrete, smashing the screen. This is why taking out insurance for your new iphone 11 can be a good investment

Unfortunately, it is very easy to damage fragile electronic devices like iPhones and iPads in this way. They can be destroyed instantly if they are dropped onto a hard surface or exposed to liquid. Additionally, iPads and iPhones are frequently targeted by criminals because of their high value, with thousands of devices being stolen each year in the UK.

The limited warranty provided by Apple doesn’t cover breakdown outside the warranty period, accidental damage, loss, or theft. This means that your expensive electronic device is vulnerable and could be lost or destroyed at any moment.

Fortunately, it is possible to purchase insurance for smartphones and tablets. This can provide protection against theft, loss, accidental damage, and breakdown outside of the warranty period. Here is some more information about how smartphone and tablet insurance works, and the main benefits of purchasing this type of insurance.

What is Smartphone and Tablet Insurance?

Smartphone and Tablet Insurance is similar to other forms of property insurance. You pay an insurance company a monthly or annual premium to cover one or more smartphone or tablet devices.

If one of your devices is stolen, lost, damaged, or breaks down (outside of warranty period), you can lodge a claim and the insurance company will immediately repair or replace your device. The scope of protection goes beyond warranty or guarantee provided by Apple or the company you originally bought the device from.

Most mobile and tablet insurance policies will cover any accidental damage, theft, breakdown, or loss of your phone. However, it is possible to purchase plans which only cover specific types of incidents. So, if you are only concerned about your device being stolen, you can obtain coverage for theft alone.

In most cases, you will need to pay a small “deductible” when making a claim. The deductible is the amount of money you will pay in an insurance claim before the insurance company makes a contribution. The size of an insurance deductible will vary based between different plans.


Benefits of Smartphone and Tablet Insurance

There are several benefits obtained by purchasing smartphone and tablet Insurance, including:

#1 – It can save you a lot of money

iPhones and iPads seem to go up in price every single year, with the most expensive devices now costing well over £1,000. This is a lot of money to lose if your device is broken, lost, or stolen.

Smartphone and tablet insurance will reimburse you or pay for repairs if something happens to your device. The only cost you may have to pay is a deductible, the size of which varies based on the type of insurance plan you are on. The savings can be huge, particularly if your device is one of the more expensive models.


#2 – Minimizes disruption to your life

If you are like most people, your smartphone or tablet will hold the contents of your life. You might use it for many tasks including work, to communicate with friends, to manage your finances, to book flights, and so on.

If your device is stolen, lost or broken, it can significantly impact your personal and professional life. It could make it impossible to work effectively or impact your ability to socialize with others. Having smartphone and tablet insurance means you can lodge a claim and quickly obtain a replacement device. This minimizes the amount of disruption to your life if something happens to your iPhone or iPad.

#3 – Insurance covers scenarios that warranties don’t

The warranties provided by manufacturers like Apple are very limited. They will only cover defects in materials and workmanship when the device is used normally in accordance with the company’s published guidelines. If the device is used in a way that was not intended, breaks down outside of warranty period, is stolen, accidentally damaged, or lost, Apple will not help you. Insurance provides much-needed coverage for these other scenarios.


#4 – Insurance is affordable

Mobile and smartphone insurance is surprisingly affordable and has low deductibles. You can obtain coverage from as little as £3 a month, which is a tiny fraction of the cost of your device.


#5 – Filing a claim is simple
If something does happen to your insured phone or tablet, getting a replacement or repair is simple. You won’t have to negotiate with the company you bought the device from, you simply lodge a claim and pay your deductible. It is a much faster process than dealing with Apple or another retailer.

#6 – Unauthorized calls are often covered

If your phone is stolen, the person who took it may begin making long distance calls. This can turn the theft of your phone into an even more expensive dilemma as any incurred call charges will be your responsibility. Fortunately, it’s common for insurance companies to provide a certain amount of reimbursement for unauthorized calls.