VoIP Telephone Systems for UK Businesses

Lascom Solutions offers VoIP telephone systems, for any size of business in London and across the UK. VoIP telephone systems offer many enhanced calling features, including voicemail, call routing to multiple landlines or mobile numbers, call recording and greeting message announcements by time of day opening and closing times.

We can design and provide the perfect VoIP solution, no matter what size of business you are. We supply all the latest IP phones, packed with the calling features you need – keep your existing number – voice-mail – call transfer – call routing – greeting messages – twin with your mobile or softphone app today

Make calls between landlines, cell phones and computers

When using a VoIP-enabled device, the call will be converted into a series of digital files (called data packets). These data packets can then be transferred electronically via the internet or any private network using Internet Protocol (IP).
A VoIP telephone system can make calls between landlines, cell phones and computers making use of softphones apps. You can also make VoIP calls to analogue phones that have a VoIP converter installed. This allows businesses to easily upgrade existing assets to handle VoIP calls.
Many ISPs provide plans that allow for unlimited data use, so the cost of long phone calls is extremely low. Calls that are between two VoIP devices are often free, while calls to mobile phones and landlines on traditional phone networks sometimes incur a small fee. The savings for your business can be substantial, particularly if you often call international customers or make dozens of phone calls each day.

Upgrade your business to a VoIP phone system today

Upgrading to a VoIP telephone system is a simple process of installing IP telephone handsets which are plugged into the broadband internet router. The handset is configured with a dial plan which manages the telephone system. This configuration can, in most cases be handled remotely or on-site if necessary.
Most support or system configurations can all be carried out remotely by our team of support technicians. A VoIP telephone system is future-proof, and should the business need to change, then additional handsets or softphones can easily be added.