Why You Should Start Using Free to Call 0800 Numbers in Your Business


Free Customer Contact is Key

Free to Call 0800 Numbers are a great way of communicating with customers. As more and more people are turning to their mobiles for browsing the internet, having your business information and websites linked to 0800 numbers offers an easy transition for new and existing customers to make further enquiries without the need of worrying about using up their call time on their mobile contracts.

What are The Benefits of Having 0800 Numbers?

Having a free to call 0800 number instantly establishes a stronger trust factor for your brand. Something that is vital to stand out from your competition. A freephone number is not tied to any geographic location, so if your business is UK wide, people are not worried about call costs that arise from non-local calling. It is also a fantastic platform for generating more sales inquiries and potential leads.

Further Benefits of Free to Call Numbers

As well as the above, there are further benefits for your business to use free to call numbers. Unlike a static line or mobile number, you can easily reroute calls to the relevant people or departments ensuring the caller is dealt with proficiently without being passed pillar to post. So, if you are an established company this can speed up calling handling, saving the company both time on man hours and money whilst creating opportunities for business growth through additional profits through sales inquiries.

Benefits for Start-up Businesses

As a new start-up business, having a free to call 0800 number for your business puts in place a foundation to grow as your business grows. There is nothing worse than having to add new lines or having to reprint all your media with number changes. With a free to call 0800 number you have everything in place to manage all aspects and any unexpected changes in your business. An 0800 number portrays professionalism as well as gives an impression that your company may be bigger than what it actually is.

Standing out from The Crowd with a Freephone Number

In business, whether established or a new start-up company, standing out from the crowd (and your competition) is vital for profitability and for growing your business. So, from a customer point of view, if choosing between two similar companies, having an 0800 free to call number will give you the edge as the first to contact. And in todays economic climate and uncertain times having every advantage is key to business survival and growth.