Energy Blackouts This Winter
Energy Blackouts This Winter

How to keep your business connected during possible energy blackouts

When energy blackouts occur, it can be a stressful and difficult time for everyone involved. However, there are some things that you can do to help prepare for and manage possible energy blackouts. After taking all the necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of everybody on your office site. Keeping your business online and connected will be the top priority.

Here are tips to help you prepare for possible energy blackouts:

1. Keep flashlights handy. Make sure to keep a flashlight in an easily accessible place so that you can find it quickly in the dark.

2. Charge your devices in advance. If you have any devices that need to be charged, make sure to do so before the power goes out.

Broadband connections and computers

Your modem router will not operate when the power goes off, therefore you will not have an internet connection or WiFi. In addition, your computers, network and VoIP telephones will not operate. It is a wise precaution to have to have computer systems fully backed up on a daily basis.

Switching Systems off

Ideally you should switch your computer system off, prior to the start of the power outage. The UK government already has a documented plan in place with a proposed time and area’s schedule. To avoid potential equipment/device damage due to power surges/spikes it a sensible precaution to have power surge protection extension leads in place connecting your devices to the mains supply sockets.

Staying Connected When the Power is Off  

The easiest way to stay connected to the internet, is to use a fully charged laptop and 4G cellular WiFi device connected to your preferred mobile network using an unlimited SIMO connection. You can connect multiple WiFi enabled devices (smartphones, ipads, laptops) to one 4G cellular device. Certain smartphones will allow you to create a mobile hotspot and whilst this offers an internet connect for a few other devices, it can be limited in performance and the mobile operators often place restrictions on connection speed and usage. The last thing anybody wants is a nasty bill shock  for excess data usage at the end of the month   

Power Bank Emergency Power Supply

These devices will offer a life line to recharge your mobile, ipad and laptop. Remember to recharge the power bank once the power is back on.

VoIP Telephones  

Office desk handsets will not operate when the power goes off. However inbound and outbound calls can still be made using a softphone app on your iphone, android smartphones or laptop. A softphone app affectively turns your mobile, ipad or laptop into a telephone extension of you VoIP system allowing you to continue making and receiving calls. All your present inbound calling features are all still working.