Best Sim Only Phone Deals 2023

Choosing the right cell phone deals can be stressful because you are looking for a provider or plan that suits your needs best. You should factor in several aspects before choosing a cell phone provider. First, is network coverage and phone signal. There’s no point in getting the best sim only phone deals, if you have poor or no phone signal. You also have to explore the advantages and disadvantages of settling for a mobile phone contract instead of a sim only phone deal.

Mobile phone contracts usually come to an end, and there are several things you can do in such a situation. Some of the options include:

●             Getting a new phone

●             Moving to a SIM only plan

●             Moving to Pay as You Go

●             Changing your network

Switching to a SIM only plan is the perfect option if you are happy with your current handset. A SIM only deal lets you choose the texts, minutes, and data you need, then keep the phone you have or shop for it separately. It’s the perfect alternative to a monthly contract, which includes the cost of a new handset.

Can You Save Money on Your Phone Package?

94% of the UK population uses a mobile phone. 88% are adults who own or have access to a smartphone. On average, mobile phone users in the UK check their mobile phones for twelve minutes of waking day.

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself whether you are saving money on your current phone deal between screen time? It’s high time to check the advantages and disadvantages of the SIM only deal to understand why it’s is the best plan.

Types of Tariffs Available

There are three types of mobile tariffs available, which include:

  1. SIM only– It is a type of deal where you will receive a SIM but not a handset. You will be given a plan for call minutes, texts, and a data allowance charged monthly. It comes in handy when you already have a mobile phone but want a better package for texts, data, and minutes.
  2. Pay As You Go (PAYG) – You will only pay for usage and credit when needed. It is ideal if you don’t use your phone more often and want to manage your expenses.
  3. Contract– Here, you will be committed to an agreement for a specific period. This could be one to two years and pay a monthly fixed fee. In return, you receive a mobile phone. It is best to access a set amount of calls, texts, and data every month if you want the latest phone in the market.

The Benefits of a SIM Only Deal

The following are the benefits of choosing a SIM only deal:

·         You Can Choose the Provider You Like

You will not be tied to only one provider when you opt for a SIM only contract. Some of them may even be as short as one month. If you don’t like the deal, you can move to another provider. You have to notice as per the terms and conditions to avoid charges when switching to a new provider.

·         It May Cost Less

SIM only deals are usually cheap compared to contract agreements because you will be repaying a new mobile phone cost.

·         You Can Stay with Your Phone

If you are already used to your phone, you can keep it. Just pop in your new SIM after unlocking your phone, and you are good to go.

·         Hassle-Free Credit Check

Your credit history might be looked at, but the requirements you have to meet aren’t as complicated as a contract deal.

The Disadvantaged of a SIM Only Deal

The disadvantages of this type of contract are very minimal compared to the advantages. They include:

·         Expensive Handsets

The cost of a mobile phone may get to hundreds of pounds, especially if you are looking for a modern device with lots of powerful features.

·         You Might Have to Unlock Your Phone

You might be forced to unlock your phone, especially if your handset is tied to another network provider different from your SIM provider.

Comparing SIM Only and Contract Deals

When choosing between SIM only and a contract plan, the first determining factor is the amount you are willing to pay for it. If you are okay with your mobile phone, then a SIM only option can get you the best deal on text, minutes, and data you need.

The Best SIM Only Phone Deals

Choosing the best SIM only deals may depend on several factors. These include:

●             How much data you need

●             How you use your phone

●             Coverage

●             Budget

You should look for a company with the best SIM only phone deals to get the best out of the offer. Cheap SIM only deals offer a great way to save money. They also play a pivotal role in determining which network you have to choose. You should pay close attention to the data plans so that you are not limited.

Lascom Solutions has some of the best sim only phone deals for UK business. You will get the latest smartphone for your business connected to Vodafone, EE, or O2. You will also get unlimited calls, texts, and a generous data allowance for as little as £1 per day or £16.67 per month in the same plan.

Other companies offering the best SIM only phone deals for UK business include:

●             Vodafone

●             EE

●             O2

●             Three

How Do I Switch to a SIM Only Tariff?

If you are on a contract deal now, you will have to wait for it to lapse to avoid paying cancellation charges. After signing out of a contract, take your time to shop around and register with a SIM only deal. If it’s linked to a different network from the one you are currently on, you have to insert your new SIM into your phone and carry on.

Types of SIM Card

There are different types of SIM cards you can pick for your phone. They include:

●             Standard SIM– They measure 25x15mm and are common in older phones. These are the biggest SIM card type.

●             Micro SIM– It is a bit smaller than the standard type and measures 15x 12mm.

●             Nano SIM– It is the smallest of them all and measures 12.8x 8.8mm. This SIM card is quite common in new smartphones.

●             eSIMsElectronic SIM cards are the latest introduction to the market. They are part of the phone, and you will find them in the latest iPhone and Google Pixel models. It’s available in iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, Google Pixel 2, and Google Pixel 2XL.

Before ordering a SIM card for your SIM only deal, make sure you know the type of SIM card compatible with your handset. If you are not sure, you can confirm from your manufacturer’s manual.

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