9 Best text message campaigns to generate sales

To help you to connect with your customers in real-time. Since it provides instant notification to users, you can enhance engagement by using SMSs. Here are nine different text message marketing campaigns you can conduct to generate sales.

Provide Exclusive Offers and Discounts

By including exclusive offers and discounts in your text message marketing strategy, you can uptick sales with ease. However, ensure that you provide a personalised touch to the messages. It would increase the chances of your customers using the discount codes while purchasing the products.

Other than that, don’t forget to add an element of exclusivity to each of the SMSs. When it comes to discount messages, the conversation rates are often higher. Here, you would make a higher return on investment too.

Nonetheless, whenever your company sends a message, don’t forget to optimise the message based on the customers, offers and discounts. Besides that, you have to bring in an element of urgency and incorporate a benefit-based call to action.

Organise Competitions Via Text Message Campaigns

Competitions or contests can bring in excitement and, at the same time, offer you skyrocketing engagements. However, you have to focus on the strategy you use while conducting these campaigns. It would play a crucial role in improving conversion rates.

Before launching a contest, you have to analyse the target audience. If you don’t focus on the correct audience, these text message campaigns might not be beneficial. Hence, you have to determine the audience, build a strategy and decide the reward you wish to offer.

Here, it has to be something valuable that your customers want. You can always partner with other brands to build your client’s interest. Through this joint initiative, you can send messages to two different lists, including the other company’s list. It would increase the chances of engagement.

People love to win as it makes them happy and brings in a surge in their oxytocin levels. Hence, conducting competitions with the assistance of text messages can be highly beneficial for you in building trust and valuable relationships.

Improve Sales with Text Messages

Text messages are the best ways to let your customers know about flash sales, festive sales, etc. You can use this marketing strategy for both online and offline stores. If it is an online store, offering free shipping can also be a boost for sales.

Regardless of your business, try to personalise the messages as it would assist in building trust and loyalty. You can also add images or flyers to the message giving your customers clarity on the offer. It is also a way of showing your buyers what they can get, which would help build their curiosity.

You can also send reminder messages and bring excitement and urgency to these messages. It would improve your conversion rates and return on investment as well. Don’t forget to add the link that leads the customers directly to the offer. It would ease the steps involved in making the purchase, which would increase the chances of buying the products.

Pre-launching and Promoting New Products

Another text message marketing strategy that you can incorporate into your business is pre-launching and promoting new products. By providing regular updates on new product launches, you can build curiosity in your customers.

You also have to plan the strategies to ensure that you reach out to your customers at the right time. Here, you can send a teaser message about two weeks before the product launch. It will help in striking your customer’s interest. Next, you can send a creative text message that informs the launch date of the product.

On the launch day, you can share an exclusive message that contains the link to the product. When you consider the best day for launching a product, it is Friday, and you can opt for mornings to share the messages. However, avoid pre-launching or promoting new products via SMSs on weekends, holidays, and Mondays. These are the days with the least conversion rates as per studies.

Conduct Surveys Through SMS

When you host surveys via SMS, they act as excellent resources for improving your business. It will also help you get a clear picture of your buyer personas, which will assist you in strategising accordingly. You can include surveys that focus on providing ratings for your services.

Other than that, you can ask for feedback that helps in improving your products or services. You can also find out if your customers would recommend your products to their friends and family.

Even though you can create ten to twenty questions, it is best to avoid them. Instead, you can opt for short and precise messages, where you provide your customers with an option to reply to the same SMS.

Acquire and Retain Customers Through Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs are one of the best ways for customer acquisition and retention. Here, you can build a loyal relationship with your buyers by offering them surprises, exclusive deals, and secret codes. You have to work on creating this bond because loyal customers tend to pay more for new products.

Even if you don’t have the budget to launch a program similar to the Starbucks Rewards program, you can opt for something simple. Here, you can provide your customers with an opportunity to sign up online or from your store. You can offer rewards as part of your loyal customer program. You can always opt for automated message services with these loyalty programs.

Offer SMS Newsletters

Did you know that email newsletters take around 29% of the space in your inbox? Even though people read them, the conversion rates are low compared to text message newsletters.

Here, you can send a link to the web version of the newsletter, or you can notify your users that the newsletter is live. You can also combine SMS newsletters with email newsletters to bring in more people to your platform.

Use for Reminding Dates of Meetings or Contracts

Since people receive several emails regularly, a few people only check all the emails they get. Hence, it is best to send reminders for meetings and contracts via text messages. As most people check their messages, there is a higher chance that they would notice your message.

However, you have to select the right time for sending them out to improve the reach and action. Remember that it would depend upon your customers and your business, in general.

Renewal of Services for Customer Retention

It is always better to focus on customer retention than conversion. Hence, you have to send reminder messages for service renewals with all the essential details. Here, don’t forget to state a clear call to action as it helps promote your clients to take the correct action. By employing this strategy, you can focus on building customer engagement for a long duration.

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