SAVE £30 on a unlimited BT broadband connection with Lascom solution’s Gold Broadband service Star



Our business broadband connections offer several advantages over other providers. As standard you will benefit from higher upload speeds and on the 21CN solutions, guaranteed performance increases during peak hours and unlimited data use

Service we provide:

Unlimited Broadband

British Telecom’s 12 month Contract                          Lascom Solutions Gold Service 12 mth Contract

Rental per month £210 +vat                                                            £179.88 +vat

Over the 12 month contract period Lascom Solutions will   SAVE your company £30.12 – 14.5%

Important Note About 21CN and 20CN

If your exchange is enabled for 21CN we will place you on the 21CN packages and pricing structure. As 20CN is being phased out we are actively moving, at our expense, customers to the 21CN platform as quick as possible. Once activated on 21CN exchange equipment you will benefit from the new pricing and higher speeds.

20CN ADSL Max (up to 8Mbps)

A small proportion of exchanges remain only able to serve 20CN solutions from BT Wholesale meaning that you get an ADSL Max up to 8Mbps solution for downstream speeds, and up to 832k upspream. The pricing structure for 20CN connections works differently on a wholesale level, and this is reflected in some of our retail prices. By the end of 2014 all exchanges will have been upgraded to 21CN and we will actively moe you, without additional cost, to this platform once activated.

21CN ADSL 2+ (up to 24Mbps)

The 21CN platform with BT Wholesale allows our customers to enjoy download speeds of up to 24Mbps, and upload speeds of up to 832k (compared to 448k on the Home products). The higher speeds are the result of ADSL 2+ technologies. The majority of customers will be able to receive this product, as opposed to the older 20CN solution which is slowly being phased out, however we advise you use our broadband checker to confirm, and see the predicted speed for your line