Purchase a Business Telephone Number in the UK

We supply virtual geo- and non-geographic telephone numbers to suit your business needs. These can route your inbound telephone calls to any other number and come with advanced IVR calling features.

Purchasing a business telephone number is an effective way to make your business sound more professional and established. A business phone number can help increase customer enquiries because many business numbers are free to call from landlines and mobile phones.

Take control of your business phone number

0800 are the most popular business telephone numbers in the UK and are well known for being free to call. We also offer three other lines, 01, 02, and 03; however, 0800 is the most popular.

Local virtual numbers are another option. Virtual numbers are mainly used by companies who want to advertise in an area of the UK where they do not have an office. The virtual numbers we supply are simply connected to your existing landline or mobile making your number appear to be local.

Never miss another customer’s call

Whether you just want a dedicated phone number for your business, a landline number on your mobile (without switching providers) or to expand your business with virtual offices in other cities, we can help.

From premium rate business phone numbers to low-cost or 0800 numbers, we’ve got you covered. Give Lascom Solutions a call today to purchase business phone numbers to suit your needs and never miss another call.