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Working Remotely from Home — Business Check List

Working Remotely from Home — Business Check List The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented health and economic crisis which has had a significant impact on UK businesses. While the government’s social isolation rules have slowed the spread of the virus, they have also forced businesses to shut down or to completely change the way they […]

Smartphone Insurance for Your New iPhone or iPad

  Smartphone Insurance for Your New iPhone or iPad It happens in an instant, your walking down the street listening to music on your iPhone or iPad when you stumble and drop it. Your stomach sinks as you see your extremely expensive phone flying through the air before landing on concrete, smashing the screen.   […]

Fully Meshed or Single Broadband Wi-Fi Router for Business?

There’s no doubt that broadband choices are integral to the performance of any business nowadays. You can’t get far if you and your staff aren’t able to connect to the internet. When all you really want is good Wi-Fi speed that delivers what you need, however, you can quickly end up being blinded by science. […]

B.J. Clarke – Staying in touch via text messaging

B.J. Clarke was established in 1969 and continues to operate as a thriving family business. Since our inception, we have been proud to offer a highly responsive service and innovative logistical solutions. Our headquarters in Overton-On-Dee, Wrexham, is ideally located close to major transport networks, linking us conveniently to North and Mid Wales, the Northwest, […]

Text Message Marketing UK For Business

A recent survey performed by the UK’s communication regulator Ofcom found that the average British citizen checks their mobile phone about once every 12 minutes.  This survey clearly highlights how obsessed the nation is becoming with mobile phones. This trend presents an incredible business marketing opportunity.  By using text messaging as a marketing channel, your […]

VoIP Telephone Systems-Benefits Sole Traders and Small Businesses

Sole traders and small-to-medium enterprises (SME’s) must work hard to succeed in the UK’s highly competitive economy.  One of the best tactics for succeeding in this environment is to harness new technologies that reduce overheads and improve business efficiency. Many sole traders and SME’s are turning to VoIP (also called voice over IP, VoIP or IP telephony) […]