Best Broadband Backup Solution

Secure and consistent broadband connectivity is essential for business continuity. That’s why having the best broadband backup solution is very important, especially during this period when there is a boom in digital transformation. Most businesses use the cloud for some of their IT operations. Businesses that have integrated cloud-based services in most of their operations enjoy a lot of benefits. They include scalability, work flexibility, cloud-hosted VOIP phone services, reduced costs, and automatic updates. 

With this trend growing, there is the need for businesses to have reliable connectivity. Imagine a situation where your business is unable to access its cloud operations for 3 to 5 days. This will leave you counting losses. One of the best ways to ensure 24-hour uptime for your business is to get a broadband backup solution. 

Having a primary and secondary connection will enable you to access the internet when there is downtime. The ideal is to have one fiber and another wireless/Ethernet connection. This will ensure you have no single physical point of failure. The other backup solution is to use cellular data like 3G or 4G mobile data.

Benefits of Having an Affordable Broadband Backup Solution

The benefits of having an affordable broadband backup solution include:

Avoid Business Disruption

Unexpected network outages are quite common. They can happen anytime due to natural disasters, power outages, malware attacks on your main connection, and network maintenance. A broadband backup solution will eliminate downtime for your business if this happens.

Maintain Productivity

When there is a failure in your business connectivity, your employees will not conduct any work. This can result in less productivity within your business operations. A broadband backup solution will ensure everything runs as usual.

Improved Customer Experience

Ensuring your customers are always happy and connected is vital for your business. Primary broadband connection failure can affect your current and potential client base because they will have difficulty getting a response from your business through your online channels.

If you have a VOIP telephone service, connection downtime affects your phone system. Communication will be seriously affected. A broadband backup connection will ensure everything flows smoothly with no downtime, keeping your customers connected to your business all the time.

Auto Failover

It is quite essential for all the IT operations in your business. If you have a backup solution in place, a router or an advanced firewall will automate the switch instantly between your connections.

Avoid Revenue and Profit Loss

Broadband connectivity downtime can leave your business counting losses. No business wants to lose profit or revenue. A broadband backup solution is the best option in this case. The good thing about this secondary backup is that you can use it alongside your primary connection. It is an added value and will grant you peace of mind for your business.

Why a 4G Broadband Backup Solution is the Ideal Option for Your Business?

Apart from fiber/Ethernet and wireless connectivity, the other solution you have is cellular data.  3G and 4G are some of the connection options you have when you opt for cellular data.

4G or fourth-generation LTE technology is a type of Internet connection using radio technology much faster than 2G and 3G technologies. Through 4G LTE connectivity, you can achieve data transmission speeds of between 12.5 MB/s and 125 MB/s. LTE is the communications standard that meets the requirements to be classified with the 4G label.

The Benefits of Using 4G Backup Solution in Your Business

Incorporating 4G as a backup solution in your business will ensure your business is up and running despite a drop in connection. 4G is also a perfect alternative to DSL, ISDN, and other wireless connections that are quite slow for consumers. To activate a 4G connection or use a 4G router, you must be in an area covered by the connection. Here is why it is the ideal backup solution for your business.

Fast Internet Connection With 4G LTE

Mobile devices that support 4G coverage and have a compatible SIM can enjoy high-speed 4G technology.

We all know the traditional broadband connection or DSL. The 4G LTE connection is a faster alternative to this. It is a new high-speed 4G Internet network to connect all the devices in your business without the need for complex cable installations. That is why you should choose it as the perfect broadband backup solution for your company.

In addition, 4G provides a much more fluid type of connection, avoiding cuts and interference. You can, for example, make video calls and conferences more effectively and with higher quality.

Mobile Use of Heavy Applications

Multiple applications use a lot of bandwidth, resulting in lagging when using a conventional broadband connection.  With 4G backup, you can run these applications in real-time without experiencing any lag.

You can use apps that use bulk broadband speeds to receive or transmit real-time data without struggling. You can also use more applications on mobile devices when you step out of the office. It offers much greater performance and coverage (both indoors and outdoors) than traditional connections.

With so many background apps running on modern-day devices, 4G LTE backup is essential. Most of the time, files are downloading in the background, and there are also installations and updates going on. You don’t want to experience a lag and lose some productive time in your business.

4G makes the lines suffer less collapse, although many users are connected simultaneously, so it favors that the Internet connection is much more stable and without sudden drops. That is why 4G backup is the ideal solution if you are looking for an affordable solution. It saves you time and money.

Improved Security

Since the start of pandemic and containment measures in most parts of the world, the primary concern for most companies is the absence of cybersecurity for employees working remotely. With 4G backup, this is no longer an issue. There is no need to authenticate to other public networks, so you don’t have to deal with hackers or subject your connection to people trying to steal your data.

A 4G backup solution also offers a lot of convenience to your business. You are the owner of the mobile connection used to receive or transmit data. The chances of getting hijacked by someone else are minimal.

4G LTE backup is essential for most businesses today. It is an effective solution whenever you experience downtime or slow connection when using conventional broadband solutions. It also offers stability to those working remotely. You should look for the right company offering this solution for seamless connectivity in your small business. Compare the rates and look at the speeds you can access with the 4G network option.

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