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SMS Facilities Overview

Flexible SMS Solutions
Our SMS platform has been designed as a convenient way to send SMS text messages using an online interface. Our platform is capable of supporting customers of low volumes (1-5 text messages a day), through to customers who require upto 1500 a minute to be sent.
Free Delivery Reports
Through our message logs you have the ability to see live data supplied to our system regarding the delivery status of your messages. Regardless where you sent the message in the world you can see the status of the delivery and to which mobile network it was delivered to.
Multiple Address Books
To aid organisation we give all users the ability to setup as many address books as required. This allow you to separate your friends from your customers for example. When sending messages we have provided slick integration into the phone book to allow you to very quickly enter or remove recipient numbers via an AJAX interface.
Sending Messages
You can opt to pick when to send your messages. This can be useful for targeted marketing (eg just before a program starts), or can be as simple as appointment reminders (eg this is confirmation that your table is booked for 8pm on Tuesday 24th).
Multiple Originator Names
Users of our SMS solutions can benefit from the ability of sending messages branded with their own name. For example a company with the name of Dentist Limited could have messages appearing on their clients phone with the sender name of DENTIST upto a maximum of 11 characters.
Multiple Originator Numbers
Should you own or manage multiple phones we provide you with the ability to send messages appearing as that that originating phone’s number. For example, if your phone number is 0788191919 our platform will allow you to send messages from our control panel appearing as if it were sent by that phone.

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