Easy Conference Calls

Dial 08443 727 608 – Enter 6 digit PIN – Press # to confirm

No Hassle and No Registration required

Lascom’s conferencing service is cost-effective, convenient and easy to use. Access is instant and conferences can be held anytime, anywhere in the UK for a fixed-rate call charge per participant. All you need is one simple dial-in number.

How will it benefit you and your business?

ü Easy to use

With no registration required, the set-up process is easy. The conference leader determines the date and time of the call, chooses a 6-digit PIN then sends out an invitation containing these details and the dial-in number. To join the conference, participants dial in at the appointed date and time then enter the conference PIN.

ü Saves money

Calls cost only 5p* per minute + VAT per participant. There are no hidden charges, set up fees or monthly rental. Up to 20 participants can join a conference, saving on expensive travel and accommodation costs associated with face-to-face meetings.

ü Easy to use

There’s no additional equipment or set-up needed; all you need is the dial-in number and you’re ready to go!

ü Flexible & reliable

Available 24/7, 365 days a year, Lascom’s conferencing service is flexible and

reliable. You can dial in any time, any day from any UK landline or mobile. You

can run several conferences simultaneously so you can keep your teams

communicating without having to wait for lines to be freed up.

When can I start using Conference Call?

Today! Simply call 08443 727 608 as the conference initiator enter your desired six digit PIN number, then distribute this PIN to all attendees (up to 20), who dial-in to the same number using the same PIN. You are now all in the same conference call.



Dial 08443 727 608 – Enter 6 digit PIN – Press # to confirm

*Calls from a BT land line, calls from mobiles will vary and cost more