Business Mobiles

EE Small business Single user 4GEE 1000 4GB £35 per month

includes 1k minutes + 1k text + any smartphone up to an iphone5  iphone4imagesperfect business mobile




Biggest and getting Bigger

EE have more masts than any other network, which means great coverage across the UK.
And here’s the thing, 4GEE plans also give you access to EE’s 3G network, the biggest in the UK.
So when you’re not in a 4GEE area you still get great internet coverage with your 4GEE plan.
You can also use your unlimited calls and texts almost anywhere because our network covers a massive 99.8%* of the UK population.

Clone Phone for small business

Clone Phone is a brilliant way to keep you and your team up and running. That’s because it backs up your contacts, calendar, photos and videos automatically and securely.

Then if one of your phones is lost, stolen or damaged we can get you a replacement within 24 hours or even the same day if your claim is accepted by 11am*.
Once you’ve received your replacement phone you just download the Clone Phone app to restore everything you’ve previously backed up onto your new phone. So you’re back in business in no time.

Each user will need their own Clone Phone app and only they can access their data.

Using the app is very easy, so you don’t have to worry about training your staff to use the app. Each user will get a text on their phone with a link to download the app. They will then be able to set up their own accounts and select which data to clone and how often.

Any data cloned by the Clone Phone product is securely stored on servers in Europe.

We offer a full business mobile management service

  • All major networks
  • All handset makes and models

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