0845 0844 0871 0870 0790 0800 0808 – These are known as ‘non-geographic numbers’ which means that they are not restricted to the area code you are located in.

Why would you use a number translation service?

Many businesses use NTS. Here are some of the key benefits:

Call routing

NTS numbers can help you to control where and when your calls are received. There are many options available, including routing calls based upon time of day and day of week, routing on no answer or busy to another number or voicemail and even routing based on the geographical location of the caller.

Generate revenue
Certain types of NTS numbers 0844, 0871 can be used to generate revenue, this makes them ideal for companies that are providing a service of value to the caller.

Increase sales response
Free phone numbers, 0808 for example, are widely recognised as a very powerful marketing tool, research has shown that advertising responses can increase significantly when using one.

Professional image
NTS numbers are usually associated with large companies that have a wider presence or image, therefore the use of these types of numbers could possibly help to improve perception and image for a smaller business.

Companies sometimes move premises and it’s not always possible to keep the existing telephone number, this can be a problem regarding company literature, signage or even your customers being able to contact you. By using a NTS number, this problem is easily overcome and you’ll never miss a call, simply by changing where it translates to.

Monitor marketing
Many NTS numbers can be pointed to the same telephone number, which gives the opportunity to use different numbers for different promotions, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing against budget. For example, a company could use different numbers in Yellow pages & Local adverts, to the one on their website, our live call reports, has the ability to see how many calls each number receives over a certain period.

Disaster recovery
In the event that your landline telephone number develops a fault or you had to evacuate your building, the NTS number can instantly be re-routed to an alternative number or a voicemail service that could play out a special announcement for your callers.

Advanced Options
There are main more advanced options such as call queuing, call recording, caller greetings, message playback, pre-connection messages, ratio plans and voicemail facilities. Using our in-house development expertise, it is also possible to create bespoke solutions by combining any of our capabilities to match more precisely your business’s requirements.



N.B. if you operate 0845/0843/0844/0871/0870 telephone numbers you must ensure you comply with the current OFCOM and ASA/CAP regulations